As an experienced real estate Auctioneer, I am looking forward to helping you with the process involved in this unique form of real estate!

The first step is making sure you are registered for the event, and recieve you auction bidder number. This is how you will be able to bid on the property. A valid State ID or Drivers License is requred for personal property auctions. Cash, credit cards, and checks are all normally accepted at personal property auctions, though for the real estate deposit, you can not use a credit card.You must provide proof of funds from your bank indicating that you have sufficient funds to cover the required earnest money down payment before you receive a bid number. This may be accomplished by emailing the document to [email protected]  Proof of funds consists of a copy or an original of a current bank statement or a brokerage statement in the bidder's name showing sufficiant funds. A pre-approval letter from a mortgage institution will also be accepted.

Purchases are as-is,  so be sure to be thorough in your analysis before purchasing. With on-site auctions there is a preview time at least one hour before the auction for inspecting the property. The process varies with online auctions, so please contact us, or look through the brochure if you have any questions about the online process.

Click here for TERMS and CONDITIONS (which may vary slightly from auction to auction. So please defer to the flyer for the auction)

Please, reach out with any questions!

Auction Inquiries

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